Croatian labour market and opportunities

Sectors with deficit professions

  • construction
  • shipbuilding
  • tourism
  • culture
  • traffic
  • health care
  • food industry, manufacturing, metal industry
  • agriculture
  • IT

Salary in Croatia

Average salary in Croatia is 5.586 HRK (approx. 750 EUR).

Average salary based on industry:

  • Technology and development (+66% more than average)
  • Human resources (+36% more than average)
  • Information technology (+35% more than average).
  • Textile industry (-45% less than average)
  • Service activities (-34% less than average).

For more information about expected salary, based on your profession, work experience, education and workplace visit MojaPlaća.

Foreign workers in Croatia (2019.)

Croatian government approves employment of foreign workers in deficit sectors. For more information about approved quotes for foreign workers in Croatia click here.

How to get a job in Croatia as foreign citizen?

Required documentation includes: residence and work permit or confirmation from employer who hired a foreign citizen.

Documents required for work permission:

  • Contract or some other confirmation of employment
  • Confirmation of educational qualification
  • Confirmation on registration of company in Republic of Croatia.

Form of application for residence and work permit.

More information on employment in Croatia.

Residence and employment in Croatia

Immigration law (Narodne novine 130/11 i 74/13) provides conditions of entry, motion and residence and work conditions of foreign workers in Croatia.

  • Articles 44. – 55. regulate residence matter.
  • Articles 73. – 99. regulate employment matter.
  • Articles 146. – 150. regulate residence application matter.

Visit Ministry of Internal Affairs web site for more information.

How to find a job in Croatia?

Majority job ads are published at MojPosao, biggest Croatian job site. Use advanced search to find a job that suits your qualifications the most.

Job ads which support the employment of foreign workers

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