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Pre Sales Consultant (m/f)


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Pre Sales Consultant (m/f)

“Pre sales ” is an umbrella term for all of the activities that are done before a customer is acquired. Pre Sales Consultants lay the groundwork for their sales team to be successful. They analyze the market, run focus groups and craft pitches for Sales Consultants to use in the field.

Preferable candidates with a degree in Business, Management, Marketing or a similar field. Pre Sales Consultants typically work in an office environment, although a portion of their time is spent out in the field meeting with potential clients. Fluency in English and German language is a must have.

Analyze Potential Markets and Industries
Pre Sales Consultants are responsible for analyzing market data to determine the ideal customer. This is one of their most important duties, as the success of their sales pitch depends largely on the accuracy of their analysis.

Craft Sales Pitches for Sales Team
Pre Sales Consultants use the data mentioned above, coupled with their sales expertise, to craft sales pitches for their sales team. This duty also involves presenting sales pitches to the decision makers of a given campaign.

Assist Sales Team in Qualifying Prospects
Pre Sales Consultants help their sales team qualify leads by using their deep understanding of the product’s ideal customer pain points. They may even have the initial phone or digital contact with leads.

Provide Product Knowledge Support to Sales Team
Pre Sales Consultants know the given product better than anyone on the sales and marketing teams. This deep product knowledge is required to write a sales pitch that highlights the product’s features and benefits.

Participate In Strategy Meetings With Management Team
Pre Sales Consultants don’t just work with the sales team. They are also responsible for attending and contributing to strategy meetings held by the management team. Their goal is to make sure their pitch is aligned with the company goals.

Pre Sales Consultant Skills

Pre Sales Consultants rely mostly on their soft skills to perform their duties. They have to be excellent collaborators, as most of their job involves working with the sales team. They also have to be top-notch communicators, as part of their job often involves interacting with customers. Pre Sales Consultants do have to have some technical knowledge to do their job. They often use powerpoint and excell, various applications to assist the sales team in efficient customer preparation and communication.
The following skills are the core skills Pre Sales Consultants rely on daily to do their jobs.

Strategic Thinking Skills
Pre Sales Consultants call upon their strategic thinking skills to craft successful sales pitches for their sales team. They also use their strategic thinking skills when contributing to management strategy meetings.

Analytical Skills
Pre Sales Consultants use their analytical skills to analyze the market before a sales lead or prospect approach launches. The data they collect often makes or breaks a closure, as it is used to craft a target customer for a given product.

Sales Skills
While Pre Sales Consultants may not be out in the field as much as their sales team, it takes supreme sales skills to be able to craft a successful sales pitch. They also call upon these sales skills when assisting in the lead qualification process.

Organizational Skills
Pre Sales Consultants call upon their organizational skills to successfully use the time resource.

Collaborative Skills
Whether it is with the sales team or the management team, Pre Sales Consultants are constantly collaborating. They use these skills when presenting their sales pitches to other team members, as well as when participating in strategy meetings.



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