On behalf of all MANGO employees, we want to thank those who keep our society running now, from employees in supermarkets and pharmacies to cleaning staff, logistics employees and, above all, the health sector. Everyone is doing everything possible to combat the effects of the virus. To show our appreciation and support, at MANGO we donated two million masks to Spanish hospitals, many of which lack medical supplies. In consultation with the Spanish Ministry of Health, we use our own logistics system. With their work and commitment, our everyday heroes set an example and now it's up to us to support them in the best possible way.



MANGO was born in 1984 and, nowadays, we are one of the leading fashion groups in the world. With origins and headquarters in Barcelona, we have 2,234 points of sale in 119 countries. From our Design Center “The Hangar" every year we design more than 18,000 garments and accessories for women, men and children.

We have a presence in the market through our own, franchised and online stores. We closed the year 2019 with sales of 2,374 million euros.



We are empathetic. We listen to one another and put ourselves in other's shoes.
We are detailed-orientated. We do things with care and we focus on even the tiniest of details.
We are diverse. We push for diversity and inclusion. We see the value that each person brings.


We are ambicious. We strive to achieve excellence and surpass our goals.
We are consisted. We do what we say, and we never make up excuses.
We are sustainable. We all do our part to make Mango a better place.


We are proactive. We propose new ideas and more efficient ways of doing things.
We are brave. We try new things and we aren't afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.
We are persistent. We make things happen.


We are creative. We take on challenges with creativity and we stay true to ourselves.
We are passionate. We display our passion in all that we do.
We are transparent. We say what we think in a constructive manner.


We are fashion. We are Mango. We are excited to keep finding out more and more about our business, our product and fashion.
We are curious. We continuously learn and have a taste for art and culture.
We are open-minded. We show interest in different cultures, ideas and opinions.


In Croatia, we do have 15 coorporate stores, located in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Sibenik, Jablanovez and Osijek. We do care about our team and provide them a successful career at MANGO.

At MANGO, it is our goal that our qualified employees develop more within the company and that they assume more and more responsibilities over time. Our secret of success: we unconditionally support our team, which works every day towards a common goal. Together we want to present the mango to the whole world. At MANGO we want you to enjoy your work and be motivated. Do your personal goals coincide with ours? Then you should join our team. Be part of MANGO too!


We are responsible, dynamic and decisive.
With lots of attitude and skill and above all, PASSION! "As a store manager, you set a good example and promote the potential of your team. In a positive and safe environment, you motivate your colleagues and encourage them to come up with new ideas.


We guarantee the identity of the brand in the stores.
We respect the standards of the brand, which will provide a unique shopping experience for our customers. "No day is the same for our visual merchandising team. We want our employees to grow and improve along with the varied tasks and dynamism of the store. This is why we constantly offer more training and new challenges in order to support them as best as possible.


"Working for Mango is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally." At MANGO we promote the talent of our employees and help them develop and improve personally and professionally. In our store team, you will take responsibility from the start and learn to use your skills optimally. We are a motivated and flexible team that is able to adapt to change as quickly as possible and drive change forward.

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