Knapp Hrvatska d.o.o.

The pharmacy has the medication we need in stock. The supermarket shelves are always full. A few clicks and 24 hours later we hold our order in our hands. How is this possible? The answer is logistics – we make it possible.

We develop and manufacture intelligent warehouse systems using the latest solutions in digitalization, software, automation and robotics. Our company founder Günter Knapp was a visionary inventor, and this remains part of our corporate culture today. Founded in 1952 as a two-man business, KNAPP has developed into one of the strongest and most innovative partners for integrated logistics solutions, specialized in the sectors of healthcare, fashion, retail, food retail and industry. We became an international group of 7,300 employees with 62 locations all over the world.

With our innovative technologies, we offer everything that companies need for efficient warehouse automation – all from a single source. Despite our size and international orientation, we are still a family-owned business at heart and are proud of our positive corporate culture. Each and every one of us has a different background, qualification and point of view – and that’s a good thing. We place great value on diversity and that is what makes us successful. What unites us is the passion we feel for our daily work: our KNAPP spirit.


Company values

The company values of reliability, courage, openness, appreciation, and creativity form the foundation for sustainable growth and success and span across all our activities, like a network. The company management actively demonstrates these values towards customers, employees, and the environment. These company values also shape the actions and decisions of all employees.

We encourage process

Building on these positive company values and expertise, we utilize our knowledge wisely and encourage the continuous development of our industry-specific expertise. We encourage knowledge management and transparency within the company – our employees actively share their knowledge to learn from each other with a regular exchange between customers and research partners. .

We engage in open dialogue

Listening, understanding, implementing, improving – constructive interaction is highly valued in our relationship with customers and employees, as well as with society and the environment. As an internationally orientated company, we are open to other cultures. We engage in an open dialogue with all our partners and interact with mutual respect and esteem.


Shaping the future of logistics is only possible thanks to the combined energy and motivation of all our employees. That’s why we place great value on creating a fantastic working environment. An environment in which all points of view are valued – as making visions a reality and designing innovative technologies is only achievable through highly-motivated employees who have the courage to think outside the box. For this reason, we give every individual the freedom to share their own creative ideas.


A career path is a personal journey: Some are straight while others have more twists and turns. What counts is that you find your way and that you move forward with passion. Maybe your personal career path will lead you to us. Whether you are a beginner, a climber or a co-designer in the logistics sector – KNAPP offers exciting roles and first-rate career opportunities. As a career-changer, you bring with you a breath of fresh air and sharpen our view of things.

Be in tune with the times! Help us to shape the logistics sector of the future.

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