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Our success begins with YOU!

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our culture started from the minute we decided to acquire Grand Circle in 1985, and it has been shaped by countless events and people over our history. Parts of our culture were very well considered, such as when we crafted a Vision and a Mission and identified the Values we believed in. Other components have been shaped by the big and small things that make up our past – the move to Boston from New York, the Gulf War Crisis, terrorist attacks and the dynamism of our industry and times.

What it is like to work at Grand Circle? What do we take seriously, what do we believe, how do we treat each other, what do we expect? This page is to introduce our culture to associates and to share our sense of who we are with GCC veterans. The core of our culture rests on two essential elements – Performance and Values.

Your success here begins with you and your willingness to stretch, to try new things, to grow. Again, welcome to Grand Circle… your adventure and discovery is about to begin.

Grand Circle family of travel companies

Grand Circle Travel

Since 1958, Grand Circle has been the leader in international travel and discovery for Americans. With each vacation, you’ll enjoy unmatched discoveries, leisurely pacing, and more travel choices. And with so much included for one low price – roundtrip international airfare, centrally located accommodations, many meals, comprehensive sightseeing, exclusive Discovery Series events, the expert services of a resident Program Director, and more – you’ll savor the best value in the industry, bar none.

Grand Circle Small Ship Cruises

Our award-winning cruise division which operates Grand Circle Worldwide River Cruises as well as the Small Ship Adventures offered through our sister company, Overseas Adventure Travel. The Grand Circle fleet consists of 35 vessels that we either own or privately charter. All our ships are operated exclusively for Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure travelers, and have been custom-built according to your specifications.

Overseas Adventure Travel

Since 1978, verseas Adventure Travel has been the leader in discovery on the road less traveled, the most trusted name for travelers who seek the true spirit of a destination. Thanks to our small group size – never more than 10-16 travelers on Land Adventures, and 16-25 travelers on our Small Ship Adventures, guaranteed! – we veer off the beaten path, immersing ourselves in local cultures, sampling unique modes of transportation, and staying in authentic lodgings that reflect the essence of your destination. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a generous array of included features that other adventure companies can only envy.



Grand Circle believes that Associates are #1.

In GCCL you will find the best possible advantages of growing your career. With our promotion process and step up system we do give our associates the chance to grow with us and move their careers. We are dedicated to celebrating the extraordinary individuals who inspire our vision, and exceed our guests' expectations.


We know how important it is to acknowledge oustanding performances of our crew. That is why we celebrate and give out different recognition awards to our crew such as:

  • Employee of the month
  • Employee of the year

Another very important way of recognition is our promotion process and step up system.

We strongly believe in promotion from within and many of our crew members have developed professionally through our trainings and step up system.

Eight out of ten managers onboard of our ships were promoted from within!


The cruise industry is something different and unique


Assignments are determined by position, and length can vary based on the particular rank. Managers typically have three to four-month assignments, followed by four weeks of vacation. For all other positions average approximately eight-ten months working onboard, with ten to twelve weeks of vacation time.


Since space is limited, all cabins are designed to maximize efficiency, and depending on your role onboard, you may share a cabin with one or more crew members. Working and living in a such small environment with your fellow crew members will take some time of adjusting. However, this is an excellent opportunity to develop strong friendships with fun and interesting people from all over the world.

Work environment

While traveling to exciting cities and ports of calls you might face a very challenging time on board of our ships. The pace of the cruising industry is different and not comparable to anything you might have experienced before. You can expect long working hours, seven days a week. Time off is limited, nevertheless you will find the time to explore the cities and ports of calls.


Application Process

As a hospitality professional, you already have in mind the position that would best suit your qualifications and career goals. Starting a career onboard is not only a professional challenge, but it's also a significant change in lifestyle. It may take some time to get comfortable to your new environment, but with flexibility, an open mind, and enthusiastic professionalism, you will soon become an essential part of our team.

We want you to be successful, and the most important part of that success is YOU! Throughout the interview process, please be sure to ask any questions to your Grand Circle representative, so that you'll feel comfortable with - and informed about - all of the relevant aspects of your potential opportunity. Ready to get started?

Send your resume, cover letter and picture

We will look forward to receiving your resume, cover letter and pictures.

Keeping in mind that your resume is a short representation of your professional qualifications, it's an excellent opportunity to show us with confidence all that you have achieved in the past, to reflect your potential contributions to our team.

The interview

Each application is carefully reviewed, when matched with a relevant available opportunity. If your qualifications fit well with the requirements for a particular opportunity, a Grand Circle representative will reach out to you, for a preliminary screening. This first conversation maybe in person, through a hiring partner, or perhaps via webcam, directly with one of our recruiters. Depending on the role, there may be one (or more) follow-up interviews with other Grand Circle Human Resource and Operational representatives. These conversations are intended as excellent opportunities for us to learn more about your background, and for you to learn more about the position and the company. Take advantage and ask as many questions as you'd like. Once the decision is made, we will notify you of your status.

Join the Grand Circle family and travel through Europe, enjoy overnight stays, and develop in your career.

Apply online at or via email

At Grand Circle Corporation Associates are Number 1!

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