Your business ID in the job market: Employer Profile

Make sure that your future employees, as well as all other participants in the labor market, follow the news related to employment and your business much easier and with more interest.

Choose one of the two options for presenting your company on MojPosao:

  • Standard profile* at a price of 100 € for 12 months
  • Advanced profile** at a price of 1.666,67 € for 12 months

* Standard profile

In addition to basic information about the company and employment in the form of text, it allows you to post photos and videos, a link to corporate websites and profiles on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). If necessary, you can design all materials to reflect your corporate image.

The profile includes the 'Follow this company' option, through which interested users can follow news related to the company, as well as active ads.

If you opt for the Standard Profile, your company logo will be highlighted on the subpage Employer Profiles below the logos of companies that have an Advanced Profile.

See an example of a Standard Profile: Greyp Bikes

** Advanced profile

It provides all the features of the Standards profile, but also provides a great opportunity to promote the company.

If you opt for the Advanced Profile, your logo will be displayed on the cover of the portal, which is opened more than 17 million times in a year.

Also, your company logo will be displayed on the subpage Employer Profiles above the logos of companies that have a Standard Profile.

See an example of an Advanced Profile: MojPosao

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