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Useful information


Croatian Government increased quotas for import and employment of foreign workers Croatia in 2019., because of lack of qualified workers in the country.

For list of approved quotas by activity and profession click on document.

Labour market and deficit professions

Croatian labour market notes workforce deficit in sectors:

  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Tourism and catering
  • Culture
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare and social service
  • Food, processing and metal industry
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • IT

Experts from these sectors are more than welcome in Croatia!

Employment of foreign workers in Croatia

Foreign workers can do a job in Croatia if they possess permit to stay and work or a certificate of registration with the employer who employed them. Ministry of Internal Affairs is in charge for issuing permissions for foreign workers. Find more information about employment of foreign workers here and in brochure of Ministry of Internal Affairs. You can find additional information on Ministry of Internal Affairs website. .

Useful tips

If you want to hire foreign worker, there are more things to consider besides required documentation. Provide your new employee additional information about working and living in Croatia, help him find a course of Croatian language, appropriate accommodation etc.

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